Wednesday, September 09, 2009

hanna on the podium with dan schmatz

lucky girl. hanna is always looking for an angle to get up in front of a crowd, and dan's multiple wins at the gateway cup was a good bet. dan and hanna are good buddies, and he's always willing to put a big smile on her face. she loves him to death...he's sort of like the cool uncle that came to town when you were a kid and made you realize how boring your own family was.
this particular setting is at the one and only st. francis park. it's very near and dear to deanna and i, as well as our families. we both grew up and lived around this park all of our lives, so it was a surreal experience to be racing around it. and so it stands to reason that we were very happy to see dan win and hanna get the chance to cheese in front of the crowds.

thanks, flannery allison for the beautiful photos!

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