Saturday, September 19, 2009

hermann cyclocross, brief coverage

the infamous stairs were back!

my family loves hermann missouri. be it for a cyclocross race, a hellish circuit race, or a tour of the winery, it always delivers. today was no exception, as it was time again for the annual hermann cyclocross race under the lights.

last year, the race was held after some brutal rain and it was a muddy mess. even so, i couldn't wait to get back to it. this time, the cyclocross fairies brought us a course that i just fell in love with. fast but super swoopy and NO MUD, it was a course to die for. and then there were the stairs! those lovely 100 year old stairs that put the fear of god into a 'crossers legs. they killed me again this year, but i am fatally attracted to them.

more sparsely attended this year but the competition was still quite fierce. i was never in any danger of placing in the top ten, but i battled it out with a group of five or six guys for 10-15th place for the whole hour event. pedal, pedal, turn, turn, pedal...i'm in love. anyway, it came down to the last lap and i only had enough guts to pedal in the 4th of four guys fighting for some place beyond 10th. it's crazy how hard we were racing, but that's the beauty of 'cross racing.

the beautiful mrs k had a great time catching up with all of our friends. of course, she's always making new ones, too. i think she has caught the 'cross bug now. better find a small 'cross bike, fast! the boys had the best time of all. they found stu's kids and together they terrorized the whole area. the boys were official pig pen poster boys when they piled into the car.

thanks jeff yielding and hermann for another great event!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, man! You're a racing animal...MTB, road, 'cross. Unicycles next? :)