Tuesday, January 26, 2010

there is a dodge ram in my driveway

yes. and i drove it there. some time ago, the beautiful mrs k had a guy back into her front bumper. finally getting around to fix it, we were given this as a rental from enterprise. truth be told, the guy at the counter asked deanna if she wouldn't mind a truck. i nearly gasped when she said, "sure, why not?"

visions of her backing into stuff and giving us an accidental lawn job flashed through my mind.

"uh, honey...are you sure?"

she insisted that she could drive it and i ceased pressing the issue. the guy at the counter gave in a little and said she could have a special edition hyundai cheap skate deluxe, but she never even heard that as she was out the door with keys in hand. we walked up to the monster and i just laughed. she drove it home without incident. i drove it to pick up the boys and to help her drop off the fusion at the body shop.

it's huge. but surprisingly, it drives about like a car does. it has no hemi. it has the 4.7 v8, which i think has 310 horsepower and 330-ish lb/ft to play with...but it needs every bit. if it was a person, it would shop at the big and tall men's store. the boys love it, of course.


Dan Schmatz said...

what the bed length, 5'7"?

Chris said...

Oooooohhhh......does it have truck nutz?