Monday, January 25, 2010

the magic house

we took advantage of some buy-one-get-one tickets to the magic house on sunday. the kids were beaming and ready to go. except for hanna, who is napping here.
there, she woke up in the bubble room.
the whole family is mesmerized by the bubble room displays. deanna is transfixed.
tyson attempts to pull the bubble up around him. it wasn't working out so well.
faces in the rod thing. it was good for at least 5 minutes of fun alone. i think that's hanna and tyson's faces.
eli and hanna dress up and pet a fake ferret-like creature.
shelby and hanna climb the little climbing wall. hanna is wearing the latest fashion in climbing boots.
hanna really liked the bank. she was writing out bills and checks.
eli really likes curious george. here, he sits on george's lap.
and here he meets a very large, living curious george. the other kid needs to scram and quit hogging george's attention.

then the camera batteries were dead.

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