Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kids like winter weather

i don't know if they like the COLD, but they sure do like the snow. the kids have been praying for snow since halloween. i thought they were collectively going to have a cow when it flurried on christmas day. hanna and tyson have school on the mind first...snow equals snow day. after that, every other snow benefit is gravy. eli loves it because it turns the whole outside world into a playground. i think he'd lay down and sleep in it if we'd let him. no wait, he doesn't sleep.

so naturally, the entire time all of this snow talk is going on, i'm gritting my teeth praying that it won't snow. it makes me feel so guilty. i mean, here are my little angels (poetic license taken with term) just dying to get out in the snow and i'm hoping that the entire world never sees snow again. even the north pole. santa can rent a 4 wheeler for all i care, or walk because he looks like he could stand to lose a few pounds.

we took the kids over to a nice little sledding spot pretty close to the house on sunday afternoon. i was dreading it, of course, but i really wanted them to get out and have some fun in it. even the beautiful mrs k had suited up to do some sledding. i hung in there for a while, helping push them down the hill for extra speed, cheering them on in their distance contest, laughing at them when they would yard sale....then i got into the car,turned the heater on full blast and that's where i stayed. deanna took some photos of the day and i'll see if i can get them up tomorrow.

some time around 7 or 8 years old i learned to hate snow and cold weather and nothing has changed my mind about that yet.

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