Wednesday, January 20, 2010

heart rate and such

i suppose this is what a heart looks like to illustrators. every time i see an open chest on tv or the movies, it doesn't look anything like that. it looks like a slimy wet blob of red goo.

my slimy wet blob of red goo has been going pretty well lately. it seems to be right where it should most of the time and i'm rather impressed that it works so well when it has to. over the past couple of years i've had an odd skip-beat thing going on, PVC i think it's called, premature ventricular contraction. yeah, i read a lot on the internet. anyway, it was fairly bad this past summer, sometimes skipping it's way along every few minutes for an hour or so before resuming normal old guy pumping. lately, i haven't felt any of it, but yesterday it did the salsa dance for about a full minute before it finally found it's way. that's never happened before. so, to make myself feel better, i pinned it on the trainer tonight. oh yeah, i showed it who's boss. in fact, i've never gone better.

still no serious testing going on, training wise. again, i don't believe i can call it training if i don't do it more than 5 or 6 hours a week. it's more like angry bike riding, sort of quickly.

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