Saturday, January 23, 2010

birthday party for hanna, max, and gus

and of course, we didn't bring our real camera. these sorry photos were taken from my phone. anyway, hanna, max, and gus have birthdays really close together, and even though the big day isn't here yet we had a little party for them. she looks older than 10, huh?
eli was quite excited. secretly he was hoping that someone brought him presents, too. max tore into his and eli was there to help.
hanna reads one of the cards. funny seeing my little girl wear chuck taylors.
eli was feeling much better after his bout with the stomach flu earlier in the week. the beautiful mrs k and grandma look on.
hanna brought cousin shelby with her. they are such a great pair and certainly keep the boys settled to a sane level.


Davey B said...

so we we're just talking a smack about 29'ers here at the shop. on thing leads to another and i was sizing up how many guys riding 29'er in stl that will beat me and make me eat my words... naturally your name was on the list and Olivia says " he can beat you, he's like 50!"

we had to prove to her that you were not ;)

coming from a 16 year old, i wouldn't sweat it that much, old man.

TK said...

and you youngsters attach this comment to my posting about my daughter's birthday?? why, in my day....

what were we talking about again?