Wednesday, January 06, 2010

good news bad news scenario

good news. i marched up to target yesterday and bought myself a ceramic heater for the basement. promptly ticked off my super-sensitive surge protector several times until i plugged it into another outlet without any other devices in it. ahhh, i have pointed it directly at me, about 3 feet away. it's sort of like a mini wind tunnel of warmth.

bad news. it's snowing. a lot. and it's getting even colder, if that were possible. somebody wake me when it's june.
good news. i rode the tcr outside today for the first time. in fact, it was my first venture outdoors in a few weeks. then tonight, the beautiful mrs k and i worked out in tandem while watching the 1999 tour de france on dvd. yuck, that is in fact sweat on the floor mats.

bad news. it's snowing. a lot. and that means i'll be riding even more inside. somebody wake me when it's july.

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Brian H. said...

What did you think of the TCR?

And yeah, boo on the cold.