Monday, January 04, 2010

dear god it's cold

anyone who knows me knows that i am not a fan of cold weather. any cold weather. i don't even like the 60's. so what's a guy like me to do here?

the cold is even more daunting right now because my office and work space is in my basement. it's a balmy 45 degrees down there. so i'm working in temps far below my threshold for coldness, and then i have to suit up to go out into even more cold when stepping outside. the only time i'm warm these days is when i'm in bed, where the beautiful mrs k and rosco do a wonderful job.

much to my chagrin, it's getting even colder, and even a bit of snow will be added in.

i will have to dig deep into my suitcase of courage to brave this. come on, spring. please.


Andrea said...

I am with you! Here in Madison WI it is 13 degrees! I did the New Years Day Dash with a balmy 4 degree reading on the thermometer! Hang in there.... spring will be here soon!

Kevin and Katie said...

do you need/want a space heater for your basement. Seems that would help a little. Or we could loan you two black labs, Lucy keeps me pretty warm at night. . . it sad when the dog is begging to jump in bed because she is cold.

TK said...

@andrea...i've lived through a wisconsin winter and my hat is off to you. wow!

@kevin and katie...i just bought a space heater yesterday and it's all good. i have aimed it at me like a wind tunnel. our dogs do the same thing, only it's 71 degrees where they sleep.

Chris said...

Today it was 14 up here before the windchill (and damn was it windy). I like the cold but I thought my ears were gonna fall off. Imagine my frustration when my wife drove by while I frantically waved my arms and gave the international symbol for distress. She just kept on going.