Friday, January 08, 2010

give me dura ace or give me death

so i'm completely in love with my new road bike. the giant is stiff, smoooove, and it looks way faster than i can make it go. but it doesn't have my dura ace shifters on it.

you know how you find something that you really like? and you stay with it? ok, well maybe most of you are not like that. i am. i still have a 2001 fastback and a 2000 homegrown sitting around. and after 10 years on campagnolo ergo shifters, i found my soul mate with the 7800 dura ace (and 6600 ultegra) shifters.

they fit my hand. they feel like home. i still have a pair and i'm putting them on the tcr. it's a shame, because i wanted to fall in love with the 2010 force. but, it's sort of like an arranged marriage....the force is there for me, but my heart is with the d/a's.

pretty deep, i know.


Brian H. said...

Hahaha, you're killing me. Poor, doomed Force. And who are you fooling with that "faster than I can make it go"? We can all see what gear it's in on the trainer!

Chris said...

I just tuned up a friends bike the other day with full 7700 DA. I hate that stuff. The action just seems so heavy in the shifters. I would actually love to try the Force but, like you, I love my 7800stuff with 6600 shifters.