Thursday, January 14, 2010

giant tcr advanced 1 final iteration

and so it goes. after robbing my cross bike of it's shifters, bargaining my friend doug out of his brakes and derailleurs, and flat out buying some new cranks, i have shimano-ed my tcr. and it feels like home again. i kind of like the new ultegra crank look. not completely. but it will grow on me, especially given the price of the new 7900 cranks. hell, the 7800 cranks, if you can find them new, are more than a car payment for me.

i love this bike.


Brian H. said...

Fantastic! I like the new Shimano cranks, has a nice organic look. And you can't beat those huge chainstays. Looks fast.

Anonymous said...

GREAT looking bike! I noticed you have the Rol Race SL's. How do you like them?

TK said...

the Rol wheels are fantastic. i actually built them from hubs and rims rather than buying them complete so that i could lace in the power tap hub. i have never put a spoke wrench to either wheel. super solid!