Sunday, August 10, 2008

vacation 2008

our vacation plans for 2008 didn't work out exactly as planned. but, when do they ever? anyway, we started off with wide eyes and bushy tails on our adventure. the future was so bright...well, you know.
the first major event was horseback riding. the beautiful mrs k and the big kids were actually going to ride horses, while the little guy had his eye on a pony. isn't that helmet adorable?
hanna and tyson looked like regular equestrians with their helmets and jeans on a hot day. they totally dug the riding, a two mile loop along some killer single track. her horse was sunrise, his was silver, and mrs k's horse was blue duck.
eli's adorable pony was tornado, or as eli would say, nornado. i had the pleasure of leading his pony around a 100 yard section of single track that would've made for some awesome mountain biking. we could have gone around several times, but the little guy was getting bucked around a lot and decided he would call it good.
this feisty little goat was running the place. eli kept asking "where the little goat go?" he jumped up on the picnic table and generally had his way with the place.
while we were waiting for the big kids and deanna to finish their ride, eli got a coke and i got chiggers.

back at the condo, eli went to work on cleaning mom's diva. he didn't bother with a rag because his nose sufficed.

captain ahab, better known as mrs k, headed up the next adventure. we took a boat out on the lake to let the kids do some tubing. this is when we had an anchor.

eli was pretty frightened by the wind and the waves and the noise at first. it didn't take him long to warm up.

deanna took eli on the tube and it was a success. he loved it and loved going fast and getting splashed.

i took over and i must say that i drive a boat almost as well as i drive a car. no comments, please.

hanna and tyson absolutely love the water. they couldn't get enough of it. the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. this is probably the time when we all got a good laugh about mrs k tossing the anchor into the water when it wasn't tied to the boat.

this is a group photo of the water babies. what a goofball crew. this is about the time when we discovered that the anchor WAS tied to the boat, and that we weren't going to have to buy a new one.

big kid fun. they loved hitting the big wakes from other boats and bouncing all around. i tried to keep it sane, but sometimes they would really fly.

a view of the accommodations.

ain't he cool?

on the last day, we went to a state park and enjoyed some great hiking and rugged trails. hanna and tyson are very happy being outdoors and seem to really like history and geography. it was tiring, but again the weather was on our side so it wasn't as hard as it could have been.
it was so nice to see the kids enjoy themselves. they all get along together so well and have such a good time together. i don't think they'll soon forget the trip.

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