Saturday, August 30, 2008

gateway cup part two

nothing like a nice shady place to relax before a tough race, huh? dan, miriam and samuel.
the washington avenue race venue was dropped for another downtown course. i wasn't pleased with this one, either. too many sketchy turns and gravel and manhole covers for this old guy. so, rather than start a race that i would end up watching with the family, i just decided to cut out the middle man and coach the kids in their races and watch with the family....see? same end result, less sweat and anguish.

i broke out the camera sometime in the evening only to find countless photos of random stuff. obviously there was an eli at work. i kept this gem just to remind me of how funny he really is.

the beautiful mrs k walked the little guy up to his starting line. he was adamant about not racing today for some reason, but changed his mind and happily rolled out with the rest of the little cuties.

he smiles a lot when he's riding. it's like he's really enjoying the freedom he's got on the bike. i'm telling you, i was no natural on a bike (still am not!), but somehow he's just taken to it like a fish to water.

after a promising start, he again was overcome by the clapping and cheering crowd, as well as the booming announcer. he was star gazing.

the big kids were determined to win again. today's crowd was very small, with only 7 or 8 kids in the 7-8 year old bunch. that meant that boys and girls raced together. hanna and tyson bolted away from the line, with hanna grabbing an early lead and increasing it to the line. if you look closely just over hanna's left shoulder, you can see tyson battling it out with to other kids.

hanna has already gone over the line and out of the photo, but tyson kicks it into overdrive and finally shakes the other kids for second!! he's a tenacious one! that's two seconds.

meanwhile, back at the ghisallo tent, we had a nice group of friends gathered. on the left is chris, the endurance mountain bike fiend. he's working his way back to a good place on the road bike after a LONG hiatus. straight ahead is mrs k and miriam. sitting backwards in the chair, naturally, is eli.

there was actually other serious racing going on besides the kids. stefan and dan headed up today's thf effort. somehow, even without my help...awkward pause...the team managed a second place behind the powerful brian jenson. dan flatted at an inopportune moment, which i'm sure he wasn't happy about.

day two, over and done.

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