Saturday, August 02, 2008

todays bike collection: orbea orca and two schwinn homegrowns

i have a house full of bikes. i figured i would feature them here once in a while so that when i talk about riding one, there would be a point of reference. actually, it has been a moving point of reference, so one can be forgiven for not knowing what the heck i am talking about. here is a group of three for today: this is the red orbea orca. it's the official thf race team bike. well, not official. but we race orca's and that's close enough. this is an '08, with sram red components and rol race sl wheels with a power tap. it's the most beautiful road bike i have ever owned.
this is my second attempt at a single speed mountain bike. it's an old schwinn homegrown from 2001 with a rigid salsa fork. i pieced it together almost entirely out of parts in my basement. stronglight 2x9 cranks are from 2002. wheels are from 2003. post came from the original owner of the hg, king furby. i actually like to ride it, but my hands still hurt. i think it has made my right thumb arthritic. i will get a fork for it, i think.

this is my favorite bike. over my entire life i have not had much of an emotional attachment to any bike, but i have one here. it's a 2000 schwinn homegrown, the bottom of the line american made model. i've had it since 2003, and it has served as a commuter and a race bike and back to commuter numerous times. in a heartbeat, i would use it as my sole race bike. right now, it's set up so perfectly, as everything on it is thoroughly used but completely serviceable. the wheels are from the kaiser...he bought the crossmax wheels new in 2000. i raced them last year and then replaced the rear rim and spokes before the lost valley race in march. the fork is a kaiser built sid, too, and it's smooth as butta for a used sid. even the rear derailleur is a kaiser special, an x9. old avid ti vbrakes a levers, old race face turbine cranks, old style xtr front der. the only new parts on this is a 30/42 salsa set of 2x9 chainrings. fits like a glove, and i love it not in spite of it's oldness but because of it, and it's incredible usefulness.


Dan Schmatz said...

A couple years ago (10 or so) I had a Schwinn Project Underground wich is what the HGs came from. It was an easton tubed bike built in Durango and didn't have a removable hanger. The guy who had it before me snapped the hanger off so I built it full rigid single like yours. I rode it once off road and almost cried! Stuck a fork on there and it was a lot more fun. I may have a Reba soon if you want it, I am thinking of parting out the BMC.

Ted said...

Luv the red Orca, too. You better trim it up before the stem police nail you!

TK said...

put the shock on today, dan, and it was night and day!!

ted, you gosta leave a lil steerer tube for resale, brotha.