Saturday, August 30, 2008

hot rod wagon

i have this weird thing for hot wagons. i think it started way back when after riding in an old country squire wagon with a 428 in it and a killer set of pipes. i thought back in those days that if someone could create something like that with a real suspension under it, it would be the greatest automotive product...carry everything you want, sound good, go fast, and go around corners.
since then, numerous companies have created hot wagons. volvo r wagons. various audi wagons. the wrx derivatives come to mind. more recently, the dodge magnum rt's, which don't really carry much but are really cool, hit the spot and the sound meter.
i spied this little gem on autoblog today. it's a total custom job, mating an old nash with a ferrari 360 drivetrain. i'm smitten.

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