Sunday, August 17, 2008

the dark knight

i rode the scalpel at the 'wood on saturday morning as a warmup for the cape mtn bike race. then, after a busy day of house cleaning, the beautiful mrs k wanted to go for a run. she pushed eli in the jogger and i rode along side her on my bike to lend moral support. we didn't have the other kids, so it was prime time to get a sitter and head off to the movies.

we went to see the dark knight batman movie. let me tell you, we loved it. it was so intense! not everyone loves such movies, but this batman movie and it's predecessor, batman begins, are head and shoulders above. i'm really hoping this dark, brooding, angry batman continues with more sequels. he rocks, and all of the other stars in the current flick are stellar as well. morgan freeman, heath ledger, michael kane, maggie

it was well worth the price of admission, and the night out was chicken soup for the soul.


Ted said...

I heard Heath Ledger won't be doing any more of the sequels.

Lynchmob said...

How could you pick the Dark Knight over Tropic Thunder?????

TK said...

?? i don't know. i guess i'm outta the loop.