Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ogre news

back in the not-so-old days, a group of guys put on most of the mountain bike races in the st. louis area. they called themselves the "ogre's", short for old guys racing. rich pierce was one of them, and today he posted some of the old propaganda from the 2003 racing series. these were mock magazine covers that sort of highlighted what was going on month to month.this cover shot was from the ambc race that was held at the 'wood. you can certainly see another one of the classic battles that raged between john matthews and i. you can also see the vintage stage 1 jersey action. i love the captions.
here is another from later in the year. that's dan, racing a short track race in his 7-up days. and YES, that's the same red homegrown that hangs in my garage, and it's still going strong.
some very cool stuff came out of the races in those days, and the "ogre" guys still contribute a lot to our local scene. where would we be without them??

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