Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mountain biking greensfelder

it's hard to believe that in april of 1988, greensfelder was the sight of my first mountain bike ride, as well as my first mountain bike race, all in the same afternoon!

i ventured out to greensfelder this morning to scope out the course that will host the next local norba race. good lawd, i picked THE perfect morning for it. crisp and cool, and the dogwood trail has never been in better shape.

on my first race, we used the dogwood trail. don't confuse dogwood '88 with dogwood '08. the trail has been completely redone by some masterful trail builders. i can still see some of the old trail here and there, but it's masked by goodness, rather than the harsh drainage ditch that it used to be. in the old days, it only disguised itself as a mountain bike trail. 20 some-odd guys dove into the trail on that faithful day in '88 to find that, in the first 50 yards, it dropped down a rock strewn ditch into oblivion. pretty much everyone fell or stepped off of their bikes and it was ON!

not so today. it was single track heaven, i think. i still have a warm and fuzzy feeling going on. i don't believe i was setting the world on fire...i'm too tired for that. but i did 4 quick laps, each well under 15 minutes, and each got progressively faster and more fun. yes, it's rocky, but not in a '88 rocky kind of way, and not in a "east side of allenton road" kind of way. rocky in a good way, along with plenty of dirt and a few berms kicked in to remind you why you ride mountain bikes in the first place.

i think my mountain bike riding lacks that. it lacks the fun stuff. because of time constraints, i rarely get to venture out past castlwood or lost valley. it just takes that much extra time, and it's time i don't have. i've got to get out to greensfelder more (ticks, chiggers, spiders and all), i've got to get down to council bluff. any place but castlewood AGAIN.

...because this stuff is just too fun to pass up.

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