Saturday, August 30, 2008

gateway cup is here again!

just like so many years past, labor day weekend for the kakouris clan is for bike racing. the focus has certainly moved away from me (because i go around in circles for 75 +5 without really getting anywhere) towards the kids because they have such enthusiasm for it. this time, not only were the veteran big kids racing (hanna and tyson), but so was newcomer elijah oliver! this is a pic of the kids at registration. they are beaming with excitement. i kid you not, i always ask them if they SURE they want to do this. it takes NO prompting on my part to get them to do bike races. tyson is rabid about it, and hanna never declines an opportunity. they have been practicing their sprints lately on the geared bikes, and it appears to be paying off. i walked away from registration without getting eli's number. i had to go back...i have to remember we have 4 bike racers in the family now, and 5 once the beautiful mrs k decides it's her turn.
all suited up and ready to rock and roll. tyson is trying to swat a fly with his tongue.

eli was all atwitter over the crowds and the bikes. he fits into the cycling clothes that tyson wore when he was four, if that gives you any indication of what sort of brute we have on our hands here. he's only 2 1/2, so he was one of the youngest kids in the 4 and under training wheel class.

let us race, let us race! the ghisallo kids were chomping at the bit to get out onto the course, but those pesky cat 5's were still racing. there were tons and tons of kids. so many, that i made an executive decision and separated boys from girls. the parents seem to agree with me, since there were 30 or so kids altogether in the 7-8 year olds.

kapow! hanna took off like a rocket and never looked back. this is her lead at the finish. it was crazy. she's smiling in this picture, too. i guess our sprint workouts have paid off. yaaaay!

tyson put his looking around days behind him and put his head down for a solid second place. he starts very well (ahem...thank you) and spins his little legs like a blender. he's a small 7 year old, and he makes the best of it. when he hits his growth spurt, maybe he and i can do some beat down rides together in wildwood. until then, he'll just keep racing with kids twice his size and doing very well.

after a great race where he practically waved to the crowds, young eli found time with the big kids and mom to play on the swings in the park. i have no idea what he's doing here, but it looks fun...or dangerous, i don't know which.

hanna: what do you think is over there in the dark water eli?
eli: monsters?
hanna: no, silly! they're swans!
eli: hanna, what are swans?
hanna: monsters!
eli: mooooooooooooom!
eli, over and out. and that concludes the lafayette square bike races for 2008....and yes, i went in circles for 60 minutes plus 5.
and tyson's comment?
mrs k: tyson, get over here and watch the bell lap!
tyson: it's kinda boring.
mrs k: !what do you mean it's boring?!
tyson: because you always know dan's gonna win.

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