Monday, August 04, 2008

mountain biking and other happenings

nothing like a little after-bath video game fun to stave off bedtime.....

i rode the scalpel at the 'wood on saturday. again, i drove to chubb first, took my bike out on the trail, and loaded the bike back up. it was slimy and wet, and all i can figure was that the humidity has been so high that i never dried out after wednesdays heavy rains. pity. but i had fun anyway, even though i had to dodge a dozen or so riders and two dozen or so hikers on the trail. castlewood is always busy on the weekends. for whatever reason, i didn't fall asleep saturday night until after 3am. ug.

sunday was busier than ever. i picked up hanna, deanna cleaned the house, we went to church, tyson had soccer camp, hanna had a birthday party/swim party to attend, eli was eli, and in the middle of it all, hanna helped me swap the sid onto the single speed so i could ride without rattling my kidneys loose. while everyone was busy, i snuck off to the 'wood again, which surprisingly got NO rain. what a joy the single speed was to ride with the fork on! i'm kinda getting the hang of riding with one gear, grunting up the short stuff, spinning downhill, conserving speed...i actually had fun. yes, someday i will ride somewhere besides castlewood....

since eli was being, well, eli, i took the older kids to dairy queen. we watched in horror as a teeny bopper backed her new cobalt into a big guys trans am. surprisingly, he didn't get mad.

it was not difficult to get everyone to bed sunday night. including the beautiful mrs k and i.

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