Sunday, March 19, 2006

saturdays and adventures

saturday around our household is always busy. some saturdays are over the top.

yesterday, i started the day off by driving down south a bit to pick up hanna. we ate our usual road trip snack, beef jerky. don't ask me why a 6 year old likes beef jerky, because i don't know why i like it, but lately that has been our fun food to eat in the car.

we had pandamonium here at the house, too, as tyson's cousins max and gus came over for a visit. four kids under 10 are enough to send someone to arsenal street, if not down the street.

of course, there was the frantic effort to get ready for the sylvan springs race. you know, kids everywhere, trying to get bike stuff together, load the car, get gas...i know, i know. preparation is the key, but saying it and doing it are two different tomatos.

after a 6 minute warmup on the trainer, i was ready to whisk my dogfish-skin-suited overweight butt around the course. i asked mrs. k if i looked lumpy, and she charitably said no. the race went well. i failed in my task to get johnny to the line first, but we did get an 8th place, enough for a couple of smoothies.

we were going to have a nice dinner with the kids and hopefully see some belly dancers. instead, rosco went on one of his adventures and hurt himself. the southwest corner of my back yard has four seperate fences that come together from the four yards that meet there. each yard has a gap between the fences, like a little tiny walk way. walkways just big enough for rosco to venture into and have hunting adventures. he's been doing this for the 4 months we've lived here. i used to think it was funny. he's so adventuresome, it gives him an outlet. last night, he came out of one of the walkways walking really slow with his head down. i knew something was wrong. i picked him up, but i didn't see anything. hanna then pointed out that he had a very bad cut under his chest. he had scraped his belly and chest on a peice of reebar that sticks up as a boundry line between the yards. we rushed him to the emergency room and got him stitched up. i was pretty torn up about it, being that rosco is just another child of mine.

we ate at fudrucker's instead, which wasn't bad. i would've preferred aya sophia's, but i guess burgers weren't a bad way to end a hectic day.


Daniel B. said...

"...another child of mine."

Sweet child of mine!! what is that? Guns 'n Roses? I'm not really sure.

Glad the little 'fella is OK.

J.V. Cycling said...

You're Old