Monday, March 13, 2006

back in 240 minutes

obviously, the weather was taylor made for riding in st. louis this weekend. if you take out the evening thunderstorms, that is.

saturday, i made the mistake of riding early and working on mom's house in the afternoon. big mistake. it was cool and wet in the morning, hot and sunny in the afternoon. bummer. on the plus side, hanna came to visit and after i was done painting, her and i went for a nice ride. tyson is still on his training wheels, so his rides are short...pretty much up and down the street. hanna and i rode to a park close to the house. there's this asphalt path about a 1/8th mile long that has a steep section in the back...hanna followed me down it, and didn't make the turn upward. sort of like a willee cayote--zooooom, off the path she went into the grass. we were cracking up. we tried the turn again, with me running alongside her, and she aced it. it's hard for a little girl to steer a 20" bike like a pro, but she's getting there. we all went to ihop and ate pancakes afterward.

sunday was different. i missed the big baptism of the twins (mrs. k's neices) to meet up with dirk and crew for a fun-filled day of riding. again, the day started off damp and cool, of course prompting me to overdress. i joined dirk, sven, and louis at the drury in in valley park. we rode upward on hillsboro valley road, eventually meeting up with a couple other guys. after a few miles, all but dirk and i decided to call it a day. sven and louis had taken advantage of the previous days weather, so they were toast. dirk and i forged ahead, wind at our faces 360 degress, out hiway w, pp, then hitting john mckeever road...what a great road! we eventually made it back to old gravois (stopping at 7-11 for dr. pepper and oatmeal cream pies) and finally back to hillsboro valley. trudging back along marshall road, i had just about had i pinned it, thinking that it would be much easier once i crested the hill. well, it wasn't easy, but i did crest the hill and got back into familiar territory. once home, the clock said----4 hours. 240 minutes. i haven't ridden that long since 1994, when i did my first and last century.

it feels good to be back.


Daniel B. said...

That's outstanding! I wish I could ride outside. I've been stuck inside on the **** trainer for the last five days. Stupid snow! Stupid cold! It's suppose to warm up this week, but I don't believe it, because it's still like a winter wonderland around here.

On a side note: Ending a ride with going up Marshall hill sucks, eh? Back in January when I did "Covered Bridge" ride, on the way home, when it came time to climb up Marshall, I was thinking, "noooooooo!" The cool thing about Marshall hill, it seems like you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. If you just "cruise" up it, it is not so bad. After 4+ hours, though, yeah, not-so-much.

You wanna do "20 Questions" Tim? Holla!

tk said...

sorry to hear about your bad weather, dan. normally, though, you should be looking at 70+ degrees in a day or two. that's the nice thing about colorado, bad weather just can't stick around.

20 questions? sure, if you can find 20 interesting questions to ask me, i'm sure i could answer them (although following your last few interviews, mine might be quite a letdown for your readers who are used to cool people!)