Monday, March 20, 2006

39 and holding

to me. yes, i'm 39 today. i woke up feeling 99. you know, 2 days after a hard effort. but somehow i've rebounded and i feel much better. it's not so bad being 39. mrs. k is not feeling very well at all today, though. it's a good thing that men don't get pregnant, because i don't think we'd put up with the sort of misery that goes along with it sometime. i would've surely missed more than one day of work.

sunday was fun. mrs. k and the kids had cooked up a plan for my birthday. they blindfolded me and drove me to O'Charley's. i didn't know i was going there. somehow, i figured they were just using my birthday as an excuse to go to chucky cheese's. whew. it was a relief. when we got there, all the family was there. sort of a surprise. we all sat down to eat, and hanna told the waiter that it was my birthday. soon enough, those silly people came and sang happy birthday to me and gave us free cake. hanna was laughing so hard she was crying. she was more amusing than the silly people.

next sunday is the race at council bluff that everyone around st.louis is so jazzed about. i can't wait. i'm hoping for good weather, although even if God sends locusts and stuff, i'll probably go anyway. 6 months is too long to go without racing off-road.

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Daniel B. said...

Happy Birthday, yo!!!