Friday, March 24, 2006

getting it.

i got my usual friday visit from kaiser today. we usually have a lot to catch up on and not a lot of time to do it. we always end up talking about training or bikes or cars, seemingly our favorite subjects. i'm bummed out for him because he can't make it to the council bluff mtn bike race this weekend because his bike is awol. it seems that "the bike's in the mail" is about as reliable as that mythical check.

today we talked at length about conceptualizing training. you know, "getting it". no, not THAT kind of getting it, mrs. k... :) getting it like understanding it. if you've spent a little time reading about friel or carmichael, you know that they have a LOT of information to follow. details about power levels and whatnot. both kaiser and i have come to the conclusion that if you understand the ideas that are put forth in training theory, you can use that information for your own training purposes without following "level 4 cruise interval with level 1 recovery for 3x the length, not to exceed maximum wattage at AT" or something like that. i don't think we solved anything, but i feel better now that we talked about it.

rosco sure doesn't get it. he tore his stitches open last night. poor baby. the missus and i had to drive him to the emergency vet again last night. this time, the little furry guy had to stay overnight. seems they were going to have to put stitches inside as well as outside to keep it closed. i fretted all night about leaving him. he's the best friend a guy could have, as long as a guy doesn't need someone who talks. i picked him up this morning, and he has a big wrap around his torso, as well as a cone on his head that sort of looks like it could double as a flood light. obviously, he's not happy about it. the doc told me he had to be crated and kept sedintary to avoid tearing the stitches again. ug. that's not going to be easy.

on the dog front, we finally decided that having rocky the 80lb. dalmation around was too much work for us at the moment. he's really big and needy. he's like having an elephant as a lap dog. so, he's at doggy day care (grandma's house) until after the baby is born. plus, with rosco needing very little stimulation, it seems like it's for the best. question? how does a dog with such little hair shed so much?

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