Wednesday, March 08, 2006

from rizzo's to aya sophia

there used to be an italian restaurant across the street from ted drew's on watson. it was called rizzo's. over the last 16 years or so, i have lived about 12 years in south city, in most cases only blocks from rizzo's. they used to have really good fettucini alfredo, and the house salad was a favorite of mine. they closed the place down a while ago, and it was vacant until this last summer.

a mediterranean restaurant opened in it's place, called Aya Sophia. a close friend of mrs. k's, tina, has a cousin that is involved in the place, and she invited us to go eat with her last night. having an affinity for greek food, we jumped at the chance.

the menu was full of good stuff. we had the appetizer sampler, with humus, coos coos (sp??), grape leaves, etc. i think we could've stopped after that, but our entrees were yet to come. while we ate, there was belly dancing. yes, real live belly dancing. she was good, and she flirted with tyson. he really wanted to dance with her, but declined her invitation...maybe he didn't know what to think of the cymbals on her hands. he was also amazed at the sword she balanced on her head while she danced. tina and i had iscander, the mrs. had kabobs. mmm, great stuff, and we were stuffed. i highly recommend it. (there's also a bar there for those so inclined)

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unovelo said...

"Aya Sophia"
Okay, it's on my "Gotta chk" list now....!!!!