Friday, March 31, 2006

again, nothing.....

i guess we'll just have to wait. the baby knows when it wants to come out, and it's not telling us when that will be. maybe it's waiting on us to pick out a name?? ug. girl names are so easy. there are so many good ones. boy names are tough. i mean, a boys name can haunt him for life. but, you want unique, right? you don't want something plain, but you don't want the male equivalent to Shaniqua, either. look at my name. themistocles. i like it. my mom obviously liked it. but the general public (starting with my kindergarten teacher, mrs. menkus) decided that it was just too long and complicated. so, henceforth, i was tim. one syllable boring old tim. i don't want to curse my son with something like that. ok, ok, little guy. if the beautiful mrs. k and i give you a name, will you come out??????????

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