Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i'm insane

yes, i'm insane. but working in a bike shop is really hard in the colder months. your mind wanders about, chewing on all the new cool stuff. today, the mail man dropped off a box from Ciamillo Components, the purveyors of Zero Gravity brakes. 5 sets!!! and, only 2 of them were pre-sold...these things have been impossible to get for the last six months, and we've had people wait as long as two months for a set. my mind wandered about the possibility of actually buying something EXOTIC for my road bike....and now these are mine. i only sprung for the stainless versions, not the ti. still, 106 grams lighter than dura-ace is nothing to sneeze at.


Daniel B. said...

Holy crap! Your bike stable this year is going to be the shizzle!!! I can't wait to see your CAAD8 built up, as well as the Scott Scale. I hear Dr. Mark went and got a Scott CR1... kind of makes me want to get rid of mine now - just kidding! You flip through the new VeloNews Buyer's Guide yet?... it's pretty drool worthy.

I must be getting old; I'm starting to demand comfort and reliability over super light weight. For example, I just ditched the Fizik Arione (that saddle sucks), for a heavier, but far more comfortable saddle.

Are you gonna race on the road at all this year? You hear about Kevin Wilbanks winning Froze Toes? WTF?! Just kidding - way to go Wilbanks!

tk said...

i think i will have the best bike stable i have ever had, dan! i don't know how it happened...

i'm going to do some races. i'll be at sylvan springs, maybe hillsboro, the tuesday nights...but i'm trying to focus on off-road.

you need to get us more photos, dan. i love to check out the scene where you guys ride there. and great interview with ds, by the way!