Monday, March 27, 2006

rim wrecker 2006

the king, clean
since i didn't have my usual race traveling posse (pregnant women do not like car travel) i started the morning by driving to the shop to meet a couple of friends from work for the trip to council bluff.

matt 'just chillin' lewandowski and ben 'the doop' lake

we piled into the cheby cobalt and set out at a not so fast pace to potosi and beyond. i say not so fast because ben is not a fast driver. he usually drives the posted speed limit, which, while safe, is like being a spectator at a nascar event. cars go by pretty fast. we did eventually get to the race venue, although at times i felt as if the guys from dumb and dumber were going to pass us on their moped.

would you leave your car unlocked around these guys??

once we parked and got situated, we noticed there weren't many cars in the lot. bummer. another great course, fine day, good prizes, and empty seats. we were consoled by the fact that we had lots of friends there. matt black, scott 'bring back the monthly magazine' rendall, and john 'dirty' cozad were among them. dirty was just along for the ride, sporting his new really cool full suspension bike. he probably had more fun than we did riding middle fork and enjoying the day.

the king after

the course was a bit rough, but 99% dry. i say 99% because there were 2 20 foot sections of ooze that were unavoidable, and countless tiny stream crossing. enough to be splattered from head to toe. i bit it just once, after hitting my pedal on the edge of a bench cut trail, gravel flying and me and my bike not really seperating. it hurt, but i forgot about it until later when i was dressing. very quickly in the race, it was obvious that it was going to be a two man show. bobby, the quick and smooth youngun' from the clubbers, was matching me pedal for pedal, and certainly showing me the fast way around concil bluffs 1,000,000 turns. thankfully, on lap 2 of 2, he bobbled a bit on the courses main climb, and sort of threw up the white flag. he was tired and only needed a mistake to back off to sane speeds. i was tired, but i turned up the wick from 'i can't believe i can still turn the pedals because i'm so tired' to 'i can't believe i can still turn the pedals because i'm so tired but i'm winning'. i finished in 2:04, not bad for march.


Daniel B. said...

Damn, if your 2006 race season is not off to a great start!! You should have talked Cozad into racing!

tk said...

dirty cozad?? like i said, he probably had more fun than we did.