Thursday, November 27, 2008

turkey day ride

sitting on the trainer last night, watching the 2001 tour de france video for the 25th time, i was certainly dreaming of greener pastures. like chubb. i haven't been to a thanksgiving day ride for a number of years, and it's just not right. well, the circumstances all came around to make this turkey day different.

with everyone here still pretty much in bed this morning, i hit the chubb. the first smiling face that i saw was none other than super cake ethan johnson. we talked a bit, and got ready to ride. there were lots of others, though, like matt black james, boz, craig thrasher, farrrrinnnnellla, you name it.

sc still rides a good ride. as a matter of fact, even with my super bike, super cake keeps up with me in the technical sections like it was 1997. he was bellyaching about not being in shape, but we had a fine ride anyway. down the flint quarry, he was giving me cold sweats. i didn't ride down the drop off on the way back, and he did. ug. i'm going to revisit that and see what i can do.

all in all, it was a killer day. we warmed up to the point of sweating and got a killer workout. we saw the team seagal ballers in the bottoms going the other way, and lots of others.

too bad there isn't enough time to do turkey day rides every day.

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Ethan said...

Thanks for the props. I was really suffering, thanks for waiting. It was great ridding with you again.