Monday, November 03, 2008

heavy yardwork part two

the rest of my saturday afternoon, after the big john matthews ride, was a completely domesticated affair. this jungle of a fence is exactly what mine looked like. 50 year old heavy wire fencing, patched in spots with chicken wire and inexplicably nasty wire of other types, co mingled with all of that growth. this is actually the edge of my yard where it connects with the neighbors.
this is the finished product. a short concrete wall is the edge of my yard, the privacy fence is the neighbors in the rear. note piles of carnage.

a closer view from the other direction. rock pile is from base of fencing, who knows why. the two stumps were on their way to axe heaven, but a major blister on my thumb stayed their execution. i'll have to ask someone to chainsaw them, i'm not man enough. the dirt marks the line where the foliage jungle extended to.
upper left is fencing, folded up, with associated growth that couldn't be removed. at right is the pile of trees, bushes, shrubs, sticks, some of my skin, and possibly squirrels and rabbits that got caught up in the extraction process. foreground is pile of rocks, which only represents half of what is there.


Schvonzie said...

Its still not to late to get some grass seed in for next season. You put it down now, you should have no bare spots come next spring.

If you need a chainsaw, let me know, i can take care of that for ya!!

Dan Schmatz said...

Thats mans work!

Sometimes I wish I didn;t live in a yuppie condoe thing and long for yard work again. Then I think about HAVING to do it and it doesn;t seem as fun. I wish I was in town, I could have come helped. After we could have stood on the street and drank beer till we were just drunk enough to almost hurt ourselves.