Sunday, November 16, 2008

Niner Jet9 is done!

so the orbea single speed build had to take a back seat when the jet showed up on friday. i was feeling quite bad on friday, so i was getting ready to leave for home early when the fed ex guy showed with a gaggle of niner's for me and my friends. just as i was leaving, the kaiser popped in with his latest weight weenie creation (404's with ac hubs) to taunt me. i quickly shuffled off to buffalo before he could chastise me for getting such a heavy bike. he can be quite intimidating in a weight weenie sort of way. once i felt better (not really, i'm still in bad shape), i got around to working on the jet. i put a bit of it together on saturday, then had to break when eli started beating on it with his plastic hammer. i started again tonight after a pseudo nap this afternoon. it's hard when there are so many parts and pieces to sort through, swapping this from one bike and that from another.

anyway, it's mainly done. i do have to sort out the stem length and seat post. the race face post is cool, but it's set back 10-15mm and with the slack seat angle on this bike, that's too much for Sammy Short Femur. the stem, i don't know. it's hard to judge, but i may need a 110mm. a real ride will tell all.

i'm excited!

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Anonymous said...

That looks real smooth TK. You had me second guessing my decision to stick with the Alma to see the CTR through with but after a few hours I'm fine with it. I loves me an Alma (wif wheels that don't break).