Friday, November 21, 2008

thursday morning ride with the missus

it was a cold thursday morning. eli kept us up all night. i would have just as soon rode the trainer in the basement. then the beautiful mrs k piped up: let's go mtn biking.

think about that for a minute. she and i haven't gone mtn biking together for more than a year. hell, we haven't ridden road bikes together in a couple of months, at least.

how could i say no?

we loaded up ourselves and 40 pounds of winter cycling gear into the freestyle, bikes on the back, and off to the 'wood we went. it was the inaugural ride for the orbea ss 29'er, and i was psyched. i was also psyched that she was so excited to ride.

instantly, i knew the ss was a winner. it was so fun! much, much more fun than the single 26'er.

so we played on the milder trails for a while, then we got cold, then we left. it was way too much fun to leave after a little more than an hour, but numb fingers don't make for good biking.

we've GOT to do that more often.

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