Sunday, November 30, 2008

mountain biking with the girls

black friday was quite busy at the store. we started early (NOT 4am, as some stores!) and it was pretty much busy the whole day. which was why the beautiful mrs k and i were ecstatic to be able to let it all hang out on a mtn bike ride saturday.

we met up with cristel and jen on saturday morning at castlewood. it was chilly, but the trail was dusty dry, witnessed by the girls backsides. all of them were very powdery when we got done. it was a lot of fun leading them around the trails. only a little carnage, a few tip overs. in the end, i followed deanna up the lone wolf climb as she cleared the entire thing! that little chainring was working overtime!! i rode a little extra while the girls were changing into warmer clothes, and ran into doug nishumora. seems he's the man in the adventure racing category. yikes, sounds like a lot of work to me!

we converged back at cristel's place where eli and his little girlfriend were hanging out with a sitter. after watching a little tour of africa on the dvr and a ham sandwich, we were on our way.

there would be photos of this great adventure, but i can't find the camera now. sigh.

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