Saturday, November 01, 2008

congratulations john and jean

john matthews is getting married tomorrow. to celebrate this momentous occasion, a big crew of old timers was assembled today for a bifecta (lost valley to matson).

i don't have the big group photo yet, but when i do you'll see the ten old sorry guys who delivered quite a killer ride. mitch johnson, michael rowitzchitzensher, paul krewit, tom albert, dan libby, brent hanlin, ryan pirtle, eric pirtle, john matthews (of course), and me.

there were flats (i think ryan had two, dan had a flat sitting in the parking lot) and falls (paul bit it at mile .9), but the rest of the time is was smooth sailing. these ten guys have more experience, more racing, and more hair on their backs than the rest of st. louis mountain biking combined.

thanks, guys, for the fine, fine reunion and a great time.

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