Sunday, November 09, 2008

kids saturday

saturday's are always big days around here. although i think this photo was taken friday, or maybe even thursday, i think tyson is grinning about all the hectic festivities we have planned.
if it's saturday, it means soccer. unfortunately for us, it was 39 degrees and WINDY. hanna was bundled up properly with a rather stylish dogfish hat, and tyson had an adult sized craft underlayer that later fell down to his knees. hanna, eli and i just stayed in the car and ate snacks while we watched the beautiful mrs k coach the boys game.
later, hanna and tyson created a restaurant in her room. it was a nice spread. eli and i visited after lunch and we got calamari as an appetizer. his meal was spaghetti, while i got pickled pigs feet and a pepsi. we topped it off with oreo ice cream. all for $37 in barbi bucks.
that evening was cookie making time. we were joined by max and gus. sugar cookies and colored icing.
these cookies have WHAT in them??

eli had no trouble mixing colors. most ended up on the cookies where it belonged.

hanna looks more like she is creating a mad scientists concoction rather than sugar cookies.

wow. cookies are ready!
max approves.

gus approves, too. maybe. cautiously. he'll reserve judgement until after he's had a couple.

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