Sunday, November 23, 2008


i took a very brief escape to chubb trail today. although still pretty cold this morning, the promise of great trail conditions was too good to resist. i loaded up the jet and did a little chubbin'.

tons of hikers on the trail today. all of them quite courteous, i must add. a few bikers, too. i had to slip out of the way of a couple of gonzo riders smashing their way down the gravelly peak on the west tyson side.

the jet is just freakin' awesome. the suspension is very well sorted, the big wheels just keep rollin', and i'm in love. seriously, i adjusted nothing from my maiden voyage on tuesday. i take that back...i added 10psi to the rear shock. i was lovin' it.

i even saw schvonzie and his maiden hiking on the flint quarry trail. he failed to tell me about the sweet little note he left me on my car. thanks, schvonze. love ya. now go get your mtn bike and be a real man.

short but sweet. that makes 3 short but sweet mountain bike rides this week.

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TeamSeagal said...

There might be some more Chubbin' this thursday, there may be a few of us going. Time is TBD.

also, CXmas - Dec 21 - check the blog!

-C.F. Ryback