Sunday, April 04, 2010

tough numbers

i had mentioned that this past tuesday night race was extra hard on me. just not enough rest lately and a little too much burning of the candles at both ends.

however, my powertap numbers are off the charts for tuesday. in effect, i was indeed working quite hard, so perception was spot on. why i was working so hard and getting no where is bothersome. the average speed was again higher than the last two tuesdays, and average power was up over 20w. heart rates were completely consistent with the past two weeks.

average speed: 26.77
average power: 275 (!!!)
10 minute power: 331 (a new personal high!!!)

anyway, it's pretty obvious to me that while i am heading in the right direction with my fitness, i am not tending to my health very well and certainly not tending to my criterium racing skills.

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