Sunday, April 25, 2010


remember the coolest shows from the early 70's? johnny sokko and ultraman? well, maybe they weren't great. actually, they probably weren't even any good at all. how would i know, i haven't seen either of them since 1972 or so. in reality, both shows originally aired in the late 60's, so i'm sure i was watching them in syndication.

while shopping at the $100 store (target), i spied this video. i was so tempted to get it. i thought better of it, perhaps seeking to leave the memories i have of ultraman intact, with all of their childish glory.


cleeland said...

I happened to stumble across an episode of Ultraman a few years ago while flipping channels. Let's just say you made the best decision possible to leave it as nostalgia.

Craig said...

I was totally into Johnny Sokko and UltraMan.

I used to flip my watch up to summon Giant Robot. I also used broken off walkie-talkie antennae to call UltraMan. I cried the day when Giant Robot died.

Speed Racer was equally awesome, but the production quality seems poor now. We loved them at the time, so I guess that explains the tripe our kids watch and how painful it is for us as parents to endure.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and reminding me how friggin' old we are. At least we still get to act like we're 10 on a regular basis, right?

Ok, my captcha to submit this is "Sup ho" - just missing the question mark. Not kidding.