Wednesday, April 07, 2010

lynskey helix

one of these caught my eye recently and i had to have it. it's a titanium lynskey helix. i have only ridden one other titanium bike that i liked, and this one is even better. to be sure that it would be stiff enough, i'm using an alpha Q fork with a cromoly steerer tube.

indeed it is stiff. probably not stiff enough for dan, because he likes to make titanium bike owners cringe by twisting them like a pretzel, but it's pretty darn stiff.

it's also not very expensive. i'm surprised at how many carbon frames costs a grand or more in excess of the helix.

i've only ridden it twice. both have been torturous tuesday night races.

so far, i really like it. and it's shiny.


Chris said...

But....does it operate at FULL capacity?

TK said...

not with ME riding it.

Dan Schmatz said...

Pointing out the obvious here. You change bikes way too much.