Wednesday, April 14, 2010

at last a long ride

i was finally able to put together a long ride today. it's been pretty hard to align all of the necessary events to make it happen. i even skipped the race last night so i could go as hard as i wanted to.

turns out, as hard as i wanted to wasn't too hard. life has got me a bit down right now and i'm tired. i didn't have much choice with the route i picked: pedal hard or fall down the hills backward. so i pedaled hard.

i started out at greensfelder. i felt momentarily guilty for not off-roading today. that passed. i most likely won't do the SATURDAY race there next month.

hencken > tamara trail > allenton > melrose > woods > manchester > pond > rieger > wildhorse > 100 > old manchester > melrose > T > bassett > old manchester > OO > osage/66 >allenton...7 good climbs in all. OO is pretty steep, somehow i forget that until i climb it.

things were complicated a bit when i climbed past bassett on hwy T to find little tavern. i made it to the top of the climb and thought i had somehow missed little tavern. so i went back down, only to realize that i hadn't gone quite far enough. so i just used bassett and rolled up old manchester to OO. damn. i really, really like little tavern.

even though i had a rough ride, it's hard to argue about riding my bike on a day like today. high 80's, low humidity, great sunshine. i'd be a fool to complain.

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