Sunday, April 11, 2010

rocket park adventure

eli and tyson are big fans of the rocket park in maplewood. i used to play there when i was little too, but it's been revamped since then. eli is quite certain that the sand box is killer. he had half a dozen kids wanting to get in on the sand castle building. he bossed them around for a while, then set out on his own.

it's quite common to find him like this when there is sand around. he is a born dirt clod.
the beautiful mrs k and tyson were swinging. i'm not sure what the woman is doing in the back ground, but i'm inclined to say it should have been done in the privacy of her own back yard.
ah HA! i knew i would find more dirt here!
we brought along some bubble stuff. tyson had the older boys on the playground mesmerized by the bubble show. eli was using his bubble wand as a light saber, proclaiming the bubbles to be aliens. he smashed most of them into submission, once again saving earth from invasion.
i wonder what this bubble stuff tastes like?

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