Sunday, April 04, 2010

eli is almost 4 years old plus weekend festivities

eli, you'll be 4 years old on thursday...what do you think about that??
"you want a piece of this?"
hanna came up this weekend and one of the first things eli did to her was force her to play tractor tippin' with him. of course, i joined in because i like the game. i was about to win but frank ate me.
eli was pretty certain he could hit some of the balls at the batting cages. he tipped a couple, but his technique is no better than mine. his helmet was really fitting nicely so i thought i'd take a photo for posterity's sake.
on friday morning before work, i rode with the kids over to grandma's house. it was a nice way to start the day. on sunday we suited up for a family ride and hanna was sporting some of deanna's old cycling clothes. she was looking super fabulous.

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