Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh, yeah! 80 degrees on my day off!

sometimes the stars align just right. not often, but sometimes.

the thermometer read 80 degrees when i mounted the superfly on the car rack and drove out to the 'wood. wow, how did i get so lucky? the trails were so close to perfect, i dare not say otherwise. it's a crying shame that i am so knackered from the crit last night, because i could have shown those trails who is boss. instead, i rode for a solid two hours at a good pace. i have a slight sunburn on my shoulders!

about halfway through the ride, i was greeted with a little stan's sealant spraying on my calves. again, luck was with me and the hole in the back tire sealed itself. never missed a beat. i'm feeling like i am not far from being competitive off-road. of course, the first race of the year is always a better barometer than anything.

i spent the rest of my day off doing more mundane things, like housework and such. a small price to pay for such a gorgeous time outside today.

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