Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mountain bikes at castlewood with the boy

tyson has his spring break from school this week, so it seemed like a darn good idea to take him mountain biking at castlewood. after a cold start, it turned out to be a great day, so we broke out the fat tires and hit the trails.
after some brief reconnaissance, we found the trails to be completely accommodating. there really was hardly any mud (not like sunday's mountain bike race, which didn't have any mud but REALLY, REALLY had a lot of mud) and the grippy dirt made for some awesome conditions. perfect for the little grommet to learn the ropes. here he is pedaling furiously up the love trail. lucky for you all reading this, i did not crash while taking the photo.
he was pooped, but he did very well. after we ascended the love trail, we blasted back down it. he only took two small diggers, and those were at low climbing speeds. well done, lad!

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Ethan said...

good job Tyson! We have to get Drew out there with ya.