Wednesday, March 03, 2010

tire rotation and oil change

the freestyle received new tires late summer last year. i never rotated them. bad owner, bad owner. so after doing some riding today, i figured i'd at least act like i cared about maintenance and rotate the tires. my trusty craftsman jack and cheap jack stands to the rescue.
the large disc brake rotors would be impressive on a sports car, but on the 4000 pound family truckster, they are merely adequate. shockingly, i have not rashed the wheels on curbs much. it's a bad habit of mine. the more expensive the wheel, though, the more likely i am to tear it up.
then, the dirty duratec was in line for new oil. i am amused that the timing chain is visible through the oil filler hole, and that it's super shiny. also amusing is that i managed not to spill a single drop of oil this time. good thing because it was black as neumann's coffee and twice as odoriferous.


Chris said...

Is that an additional motor mount from the intake to keep that badness reeled in?

TK said...


more likely to quell the vibrations. many front drive v6's now have an additional mount up top rather than the traditional lower mounts. the 3.0 isn't really a smoove engine.