Wednesday, March 24, 2010

progress at the tuesday night worlds

the first tuesday night criterium race of the year was last tuesday. it was painful and i felt pretty slow. the second one was last night, and it was painful and i felt slow. but, the race was much faster last night by my account. lucky for me, i have the power records for both races on my powertap and, indeed, there is some good info there.

average speed: 24.42 mph
average power: 252 watts
max power: 1163 watts
peak 5 second power: 976 watts
max heart rate: 188 bpm
average heart rate: 160 bpm.

indeed, last nights race was not only faster, but i was putting out more power.

average speed: 26.08 mph!!
average power: 256 watts
max power: 1419 watts!!!
peak 5 second power: 1270 watts!!! (new personal best!)
max heart rate: 183 bpm
average heart rate: 163 bpm

and while my max heart rate did not hit the crazy 188 bpm, i did average a higher heart rate. personally i find that to be a victory.

still, it was a tough night for me, and i was 4th wheel until the backside climb. pity i just didn't have any more left. i guess things are looking up.

although i get excited over the numbers when they are good, and depressed over the numbers when they are bad, i do realize that they are merely a guideline and nothing more. they are a means to an end, which is to get better with the limited amount of time i get to ride and exercise.

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Dan Schmatz said...

with the exception of a few mph the 3-23-2010 numbers will win you field sprint at he gateway cup.