Saturday, March 27, 2010

watching tv

normally i don't get to watch tv much. it's a simple matter of time. there are always tasks to be done here at home, and tv doesn't qualify as a worthwhile task. even if there is time, the presence of the kids in the room means what ever i would watch has to be PG or better.

for some reason last night, the beautiful mrs k and i found ourselves tired, sitting on the couch, with only one child. and he was asleep! so, we just sat there and watched tv, like millions upon millions of people every night. it was relaxing.

we have like 50 different HBO channels and the tv hardly ever gets tuned to any of those. deanna perused those and came up with YES MAN with jim carrey. it was quite good, really. we laughed a lot.
after a bit of up and down with eli, mrs k laid down with eli to help him go back to sleep and i just sat there. i really couldn't move. i was indeed a couch potato and i believe my ass was stuck to the cushions.

i came up with THE WATCHMEN. i remember the previews for this a few years ago. as i have said, i was a big comic book fan until i was 12 or so. given this, i am still drawn in by super hero movies, and this new crop of them is pretty interesting. instead of being the clean cut, morally and physically perfect human specimens of 70's marvel/dc comics, they are very flawed, very human, and even ugly in some instances. so, i was very entertained and i didn't go to bed until 1:30....and eli was still having trouble sleeping.

it's going to be a long saturday.

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