Sunday, February 28, 2010

maplewood bicycle

(photo courtesy of maplewood bicycle's website)

i first walked in to maplewood bicycle when it was on sutton avenue in 1978. i was sporting the webco that my parents had bought for me, and i was always on the lookout for trick bmx racing parts for it. after some years, they moved over to the current location on manchester road. and i was still going in there, pestering the staff about trick bmx racing parts.

i became friends with many of the employees then, and i continue some of those friendships today. i had talked to then-owner rich morris several times about working for them, but nothing ever worked out. on monday morning, after 32 years of pestering the staff for trick bike parts, i'm going to work for them.

my consignment business has run it's course. it has been a good experience and earned money for my family at a crucial time. i used a lot of my work experience and used a lot of my connections to get it up and running in an incredibly short time. within two weeks of leaving my old job, pedalbrakepedal was a legitimate ebay store and my house was full of merchandise to sell for a miraculously receptive customer base. i am very thankful for that. i am very, very thankful to everyone who has used the business to get rid of their old stuff and bring in the new.

again, i can't thank any of you enough. i know many of you have friends and connections at bicycle stores, but i would love to see all of you stop by and say "hey" at maplewood.

and, after my current crop of things are gone from my ebay store, i hope never to sell anything on ebay again!


me said...

good for you, tim!

Brian said...


We both work in Maplewood...selling bicycles. Don't worry, I don't really sell the junk we call bikes at my store...only if they make me.

I think you're going to like getting into the daily grind again. It's nice to have some structure in your life and it's cool to talk to a hundred or so new people every week.

TK said...

thanks, brian. it's all about human interaction. the internet is a very sterile place.