Saturday, February 06, 2010

lincoln mark III

the 1969 lincoln mark III remains one of my favorite styles from the 60's. there isn't much visually to distinguish the 68-71 marks, but 1969 is a good year and the car also retains it's high compression 460. the slight boat-tail look (that i really like from the mid-60's riviera's) is broken up by the tire hump in the trunk lid. the upright grill really thumbs it's nose at aerodynamics. the long hood, something i like about the early grand prix's, is sleek and strong. the bumpers are very well integrated, not something that was very common in the era of big chrome bumpers. best of all, good examples are not insanely expensive like thunderbirds or mustangs.

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Brian H. said...

Um. Eh. What was that you were saying about a house full of my dad's bikes? :)