Saturday, February 13, 2010


themistocles, athenian politician and naval general, 524-459 b.c. and i'm themistocles as well. it's a very rare name, and i've never met another. hell, i've not met too many people who can even pronounce it.

you know how you get stuff in the know, junk? we seem to get a lot of stuff from barnes-jewish hospital. we get these glossy pamphlets that look sort of like prospectuses. tonight, while watching the pixar shorts with the little general, deanna was looking through the junk mail and said: "look! a guy named themistocles!"

well, knock me down and call me nancy. there it was, in black and white and glossy colors. a doctor from the wash u medical school named themistocles. i knew there were others, but surely they were in the halls of the grecian aristocracy, or in a turkish prison. funny that one of them shows up here in st. louis.

and guess what he's a doctor of? inflammatory bowel diseases.

i can't make this stuff up.


Chris said...

Remember that old cranky guy that came into 6606 and knew EXACTLY how to pronounce it and wrote down some stuff for you? He even pronounced the last name with an emphasis on the first syllable.

TK said...

sure do. he was from greece. i thought he was creepy at first but he was just excited to talk about the old country. i still have that sheet of paper that he wrote out the greek alphabet for me.

BLM said...

Does this mean you are going to race in the Athena class this year?